The Orange Mountains Duo

4 in 1 without folding

1. Tuque

2. Ponytail opening

3. Neck Warmer

4. Headband


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Enjoy 2 Metatuqs, one with pattern and the other plain. So you can always wear one as a neck warmer and the other as a headband, tuque or tuque with a pony hole, and alternate for a possibility of 6 different sets!

Form a tuque or headband, a neck warmer, or adjust it for a ponytail. All this without folding, 100% designed and thought through in Quebec! It is made of spandex and polyester, very soft to the touch, repels moisture, dry’s very quick. The perfect tuque for all of your outdoor activities! The colors of fabrics could vary depending on your display settings. Tuques are machine washable and dry’s flat. Patterns found on the image could be positioned elsewhere in reality.