4 in 1 without folding

1. Tuque

2. Ponytail opening

3. Neck Warmer

4. Headband


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METATUQ is extremely proud to partner up with Leucan for the “Mets don ta tuque” campaign.
Going far beyond the design of tuques, this partnership represents a deep commitment to a
cause dear to our hearts: making a tangible difference in the lives of cancer-stricken children
and their families.
Our 4 tuque models, each designed to meet different needs, reflect our desire to provide
customers with a special garment while supporting a noble cause. All proceeds from the sales of
METATUQ hats ($15 each) will go to Leucan. Join the fight by buying your own tuque and
proudly showcase your solidarity with cancer-stricken children like Isabella.
“While you go through this ordeal, you don’t always realize just how comforting gestures of
solidarity—big and small—can be. Between medical appointments and treatments, it’s all too
easy to forget the small joys of life. Businesses like METATUQ and their customers truly make a
difference in promoting Leucan’s mission. It’s so much more than a tuque: it’s a symbol of
compassion and solidarity for my family and me.”
Isabella, 12, diagnosed with dysgerminoma of left ovary (germinal cell and reproductive system
tumours) in February 2023

Form a tuque or headband, a neck warmer, or adjust it for a ponytail. All this without folding, 100% designed and thought through in Quebec! It is made of spandex and polyester, very soft to the touch, repels moisture, dry’s very quick. The perfect tuque for all of your outdoor activities! The colors of fabrics could vary depending on your display settings. Tuques are machine washable and dry’s flat. Patterns found on the image could be positioned elsewhere in reality.