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About Metatuq | Handmade tuques made in Quebec

What is Metatuq?

I am Metatuq! My name is Naïma, from Quebec! I fell in love with Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, Bas-Saint-Laurent, as soon as I have stepped in the place. Harvesting was my main focus until I discover my partner for life, the son of the owner.
Now, a mother of 4, I would not live elsewhere.

My mission : to create a tuque like no other

Being an enthusiastic outdoor lover and running passionate, I founded Metatuq for that reason. I couldn’t find any good quality, versatile tuque out there for the right price and my high-intensity outdoor activities. The models available i have tried were only partially fulfilling my expectations, either unpractical and or difficult to handle.

I first made reversible tuques while I was secretly working on the Metatuq model. I had a flash that I could create for women like myself a comfortable, light hat, original tuque to train outdoors. Gladly i was not mistaken!

Since our first marketing strategy, the demand exploded for the versatile tuque. We then decided to create and offer new models to our customers. To continue to be a great success, I pursue the same mission as I had given myself at the beginning: to make original tuques by hand, here in my region! All our new models maintain the same quality that has made our reputation so far, despite the explosion in demand.

What does « Metatuq » mean?

Metatuq is not just a recommendation that all mothers give their children in the winter!

In fact, “meta” is a prefix that expresses thinking and change. More than a brand, Metatuq, it is a movement that offers a return to human values and real accessibility to the simple way of living outdoors like our ancestors. Proximity to the community and local purchasing are at the heart of my priorities. I strive to find methods and approaches that promote mutual aid, collaboration, ecological practices, and family values.

To wear Metatuq is to be part of a movement bigger than yourself. It is to be aware of the impact of one’s choices on society and on the environment. It’s about wanting to evolve as a person while helping to elevate society. Metatuq is a tuque that thinks big!

METATUQ is extremely proud to team up with Leucan. Going far beyond the design of tuques, this partnership represents a deep commitment to a cause dear to our hearts: making a tangible difference in the lives of cancer-stricken children and their families.

Wear it is create it.